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Sensory being is the starting point of my work. I feel intrigued by the body's potential to experience self and others in a more full way than would be possible through rational or digital engagement. While this sounds simple I think physical and sensory engagement with the world can help overcome commodification of others which has become so common under the rule of capitalism.  I am particularly interested in reimagining human's current relationship with the bioshpere and non human life and off-centering humans as the most valuable; rather recognising the interdependency of all with intrinsic rights. 

I aim to create spaces where meetings with otherness can happen in a sensory way and people are asked to own their experiences. In my visual work I research how physicality can be translated into visual media. Work takes the form of performance, video, photography, installation, immersive experience and workshops. As a workshop leader I see movement as a way to learn how to be with change and explore the wide spectrum of responses one can have and feel empowered about ones ability to choose and act. 

I am Dutch and live between Holland and the UK. I’ve spent the best part of 2006-2013 studying movement arts (contemporary dance, improvisation, butoh, yoga and somatic techniques) in Finland, Denmark, UK and Holland. From 2010 increasingly other media have come into my creative process such as photography, video, projection and working with materials and objects, which has now led to producing interactive experiences. Over the past two years I have shown work in Finland, Germany, Holland, Wales, Lincolnshire and Cornwall. I am part of 1800hrs arts collective ( and educational art experiment Shared Ground (

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