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Untitled (2015)

Collaboration with Nina Brouwer and Dorina Kappatos. We were exploring how a living body relates to its digital form. A prerecorded video of someone's face was projected on top of their face, sometimes coinciding exactly with the live form but often layering a clearly visible other digital face on top. It was shown as a one on one performance. As a performer I said things about ambiguity, which sometimes led to conversations with an audience member. 

Surface (2010)

This piece again deals with the question how a live body can perform with a pre-recorded projection. I worked with different approaches: fragmenting the projection through a fixed structure of boxes, whose shadow I moved in and out of, moving the boxes and my body into different positions so that the projection gets a chance to distort on the different moving surfaces, bringing the body close to the projector so that the body parts in the projection become life size to the live body which then physically interacts with the digital image.

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