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Body of Concern (2015)



A collaboration with Farah Allibhai. We both responded to 300+ responses to ‘what concerns you on a daily basis?’ which we collected from people on the street over 10 days in Roath, Cardiff, Wales, where this piece was made and shown. Responses we got centred around 12 main themes. This made me want to highlight our sameness and the common nature of the things that concern us; I sew the concerns into a dress which everyone present could wear. I came in, put on the dress, ate a sandwich and then posed in the garment. I then invited others to look at the dress and pose in it as well (take ‘selfies’). Those pictures were printed out and put on the wall during the event. Lateron I asked audience members to come close to me and read out concerns from the dress. After a few minutes of intense loudness I took off the dress and folded it – we stood around it in a circle. We ended by serving tea. Farah presented a film.

Photography by Dave Daggers and Verena Vuori

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