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Lincoln University, UK: MA Fine Art (Jan-Sept 2016)

Subjects: studio practice, art practice as research, academic research and writing


Basis voor de Aktuele Kunst, Utrecht: Learning Place (Dec 2015-April 2016)

Subjects: art as politics, the legacy of modernity and how to challenge it through creative means, practical involvement with the New World Summit (Jonas Staal) and Here We Are Academy (learning platform created by a group of undocumented humans 'Wij Zijn Hier').


Yoga Moves, Utrecht: 200hrs Vinyasa yoga teacher training (July-December 2015)

Subjects: yoga asana, philosophy, breath and meditation techniques, anatomy


Lincoln University, UK: MFA Choreographing Live Art  (2014-2015; completed 90 ECTS, programme was discontinued)

Subjects: performance studies, transgressive live art, somatic approaches to research, the strategies and aesthetics of (gender) failure within performance practice, research strategies


Falmouth University, UK: BA Choreography with Visual Practices (2009-2011)  

Subjects: dance (contemporary technique, improvisation, somatics) and digital media, cross-disciplinary practice, experiential anatomy 


Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School, Denmark (2008–2009)

6 month foundation course in contemporary dance 


Hogeschool Zuyd, Heerlen, Netherlands: Cert.HE dance therapy (2007- 2008)    

Subjects: psychology, interpersonal skills, using dance to counter/balance various physical and mental health issues


ISLO, Joensuu, Finland: foundation course creative dance teaching (2006-2007)    

Subjects: devising curriculum and dance delivery to community groups, experimental anatomy

University College Utrecht, Netherlands: Cert. HE Social Science (1999-2000)

Subjects: law, social science, psychology





Performance and Devising



Workshop for Pigs and People: interactive experience, Pink Pigs Farm, Scunthorpe, UK

Bare Bones: interactive experience, Lincoln University, UK

Egalite by Elena Kovylina, Zomerexpo, Amsterdam 


Movement experiment at Contingency/Winter School of Discontent, Gallery West, Den Haag                                                         



Body of Concern: interactive performance with 1800hrs collective (

at Made in Roath, Cardiff, UK                                                                                                     


Untitled: one on one solo performance at Slager Museum as part of Museum Nacht Den Bosch, Netherlands                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Two Flashers, multi media performance; collaboration with Josh alan Trask, 

1800hrsMADE, Cardiff, UK  


Transient Space, collaboration with Julia Sykala. Movement/video performance 

based on negotiating personal space in the London tube system, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth, UK      




Crap: collaboration with Lauren Barri Holstein (, Gnarl Fest, 

Lincoln, UK  


Nothing at the end of the line..maybe a little breathing: collaboration with Sarah Hermanutz 

and Emily Zuckerman; areal rope art and motion tracking technology, Ponderosa, Berlin, Germany                                                                                          

Vedenpinnan: movement/video/photography installation, Fiskars, Finland                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Bodies in Urban Spaces by Willi Dorner (, exploring the body in 

relation to urban architecture, Hastings, UK                                                                                                                                     

Artefact 2  by Marie Gabrielle Rotie (, Butoh based exploration of the body as material, Penryn, UK        


Passing Through: collaborative 16 hour performance at Truro train station, Truro, UK                           


Homo Sapiens/H2O: solo exploring my physical relationship to soil and water, AIR pressure, 

event on climate change, Penryn, UK      




Untitled: physical actions at Pendennis Point, collaboration with Zierle and Carter (, Falmouth UK


Untitled: solo at Lived Art Festival, Falmouth, UK 




Making it Home: collaboration with Rosalyn Maynard. Performance addressing climate 

change and peak oil. Dartmoor National Park, UK   




Wildfire (performer, facilitator) 

community theatre project raising awareness about social inequality, Central States, USA              






More alike than we might think: Interactive video, audio and text installation, House of Questions, Newlyn Gallery, UK 


Touched by pigs and people circle: interactive sculpture and video installation, Ampersand, Lincoln, UK


Of Grass: film collaboration with Catrin Clarke, Cardiff m.a.d.e, UK


Two Flashers: film and photo exhibition, collaboration with Josh Alan Trask, Cardiff m.a.d.e, UK  




Stone Skin: short film, Made in Roath festival, Cardiff, UK                                                                 



Untitled: installation in cleaning cabinet, Lived Art Festival, Falmouth, UK 






Here We Are Academy, Basis voor de Aktuele Kunst and Wij Zijn Hier, Utrecht/Amsterdam, Netherlands


Winter School of Discontent, Gallery West, Den Haag, Netherlands 




Light and Shadow Creatures: photo project,


Kunsthal Boschveld, Den Bosch, Netherlands   


Wonderlust: walking residency along Cornish Coastal Path, UK  (                                         



Converge, Ponderosa, Germany                                                                                                        


The Sky is Falling and the Money is all gone with Lucky Pierre, research and performance collective based in Chicago, organised by the Live art Development Agency, UK                        


Summercamp, National Theatre Wales, UK                                                                                               


Onoma, Fiskars, Finland                                                                                                                    


BIDE, Barcelona, Spain                                                                                                                      




Teaching and organising  



The Seven Valleys (facilitator): movement and drawing workshop for adults, Conferentieoord de Poort, Groesbeek

Nexus (organiser): a week long residency for 20 trained and untrained artists at Numphra Downs, Cornwall UK 

Interactive mural for all ages, x-24 Festival, Lincoln, UK                                                                                                 


The Tree that survived the Winter (facilitator): drawing and movement workshop for adults, Conferentieoord de Poort, Groesbeek


Vinyasa yoga classes, Wolfaert Projectspaces, Rotterdam




Soil Culture Forum (, Falmouth, UK                                                       •         Part of programming team (2013-14)      

•         Daily yoga workshops for beginners 


Daylight Festival,  St Day, Cornwall                                                                                                                                  •        Facilitation of community lantern making, shadow puppets and animation workshops                                                                                 



Green Moves (fundraising, organising and promoting projects and teacher), Cornwall, UK:        (2011-2013)

•   Workshops with Elderly      

•   Sustainable education through creativity (  

•   Holiday workshops for children at Performance Centre, Penryn

•   Primary school projects  


Eden Project, educational charity for sustainable living, St Austell, UK  (2012 - 2013)                            •       Creative facilitator at Site Wide Live Programme                         


Assistant teacher in site specific choreography with Lois Taylor   (2013)

•       at Falmouth University


Inclusive Theaterwerkplaats de Rode Hoed, Netherlands        (2012)

•       Creative movement coach for production ‘het Sneeuw Meisje’                         


Assistant teacher in somatic bodywork/writing/drawing with Rosalyn Maynard     (2011-2013)

•       at Falmouth University and workshops in Devon   




Weekly creative dance classes 

•       Interlink Society, Teesside University, UK                                                                           

•       Landgoed Terworm, Heerlen, Netherlands   (outdoor  classes)                                         

•       Dansatelier Heerlen, Netherlands  (adults)                                                                     

•       Refugee Centre Kontiolahti, Finland (children)                                                               

•       Adults with visual Impairment, Joensuu, Finland     



Department for the promotion of the Arts, European Baha'i Youth Council

•       Part of programming and organising team for three conferences (in Czech republic, France and Denmark) for street theatre groups raising awareness about social inequality

•       Facilitated workshops about interpersonal relationships for touring groups

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