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Seeing this performance makes me want to write poetry

Annabel Banks, poet (seeing Human/H2O, 2013)


Verena made me see my home in a new way 

Riita Talonpoika, ceramist (seeing Vedenpinnan, 2014)


This work touches upon an essence of being human 

Akiem Helmling, founding member of Gallerij West, Den Haag (seeing Movement experiment, 2016)


Being an artist means having insatiable curiosity and eagerness to reseach and experiment; this cannot be taught in art schools and Verena has this quality 

Rosalyn Maynard, creative ambassador for Devon


Verena is an inquisitive and passionate thinker and maker. I was impressed by her energy, commitment to the process, and intuitive understanding of the concepts presented to her.. Her engagement with this material was courageous, politically engaging, contemporary, and visually exciting.

Lauren Barri Holstein, performance artist and tutor















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