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meeting cat

A cat in my vicinity has just been moved to a flat after having a house and garden - I am also recovering from a concussion so have time. Wanting to support her I watched The Secret Lives of Cats, a BBC documentary series. Really interesting, like in working with pigs, is becoming aware of the different sensory range cats have compared to humans. Their hearing and smell is off the charts compared to ours. They see fewer colours but can basically see in the dark. I started inventing things for her to interact with. It is a bit like preforming to her, creating small moving things that slip in and out of other spaces or move fast across the floor - but always in response to whatever thing catches her attention. It makes me realise she responds not only to visual cues but very much to sound. It also seems to be about timing; when does a string move - building up momentum and being unpredictable. We both have a short attention span.

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