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Two Flashers (2015)


I met Josh Alan Trask during a residency in Pembrokshire, Wales in 2014 where we realised we share an interest in the relationship between body and landscape and did some work together.  In 2015 we got back together to produce work in the Upper Afan Valley in south Wales where Josh is originally from.  


Exploring how the body becomes abstracted under low light but also in relation to its environment. We looked at structural forms of both the body and the evironment, but also at surfaces. We sought to record a body that is less gendered and less human and produced both photographs and video. 

We shared our work in the form of a performance as well where we worked with the contrast of light/dark and silence/sound. We projected images on skin and used recorded sound from our walks (including singing). We also showed a film seperately (image of stairwell). 

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